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Soda Blasting


We use the latest micro-strip equipment from Gritco but are also able to use all other media enabling us to achieve excellent results.

Why Soda Blasting?

An environmentally friendly cleaning system.

Soda Blasting is non-abrasive, waster soluble  and therefore can be used on surfaces that would normally be damaged by abrasive media.

Many surfaces can retain their original features using this technique that only removes the coating not the surface.

Excellent results on stonework and brickwork.
Well suited to the classic car market as it will not distort the panelling.


True Grit Mobile Blast Cleaning & Soda Blasting

Also good results on :-

  • Fibreglass

  • Timber

  • Stainless steel

  • Glass

  • Most plastics

Soda blasting can efficiently and safely remove paint, dirt, grime, graffiti and fire/smoke damage (also helps neutralise the smell).


Using the micro-strip system, using same blast media but reducing pressure, we are able to remove the red markings on an egg without damage, then turning to high pressure, cleaning a heavily rusted steel beam.

We use this system with soda on listed buildings to achieve remarkable results on oak, stonework etc.

Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements


Below are some photos of recent projects using our soda blasting system

Soda Blasting.jpg
Soda Blasting (5).jpg
Soda Blasting (4).jpg
Soda Blasting (3).JPG
Soda Blasting (2).JPG
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