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Mobile Steam Cleaning Service


We are a dedicated mobile steam cleaning service. Jobs we undertake are as follows:-

. Exteriors of domestic properties
. Exteriors of commercial properties (industrial units/farm buildings)
. Graffiti removal
. Chewing gum removal (for local authorities)
. Tennis courts
. Stone monuments
. Driveways and patios


Driveways (block paving)

As well as cleaning your driveway, we also offer a re-sanding and sealing service.  Jet washing makes the area safer to walk on as it removes algae and moss.  Re-sealing the area will help with weed control.

We do not require mains electricity or water supply as we have the capacity to carry 1000 litres of water, enabling us to reach remote areas if required.


We have recently acquired the new Dibo steam cleaning system  which is ideally suited for more delicate stone cleaning using its 150 degrees steam setting.

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Steam cleaning 1.jpg
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