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Dustless Blast Cleaning

We have invested in this equipment where the cleaning process requires a more sensitive approach to dust management.

As the actual blasting is sealed off by a brush head, dust and abrasives are immediately vacuumed by a powerful suction unit therefore the automatically contained dust can be simply discharged.
Vacuum, or dust free blasting is ideal for spot repairs, welding seams and/or situ blasting in working environments where dust- and abrasive pollution is to be avoided.


Dustless Blast Cleaning is a safe blasting solution for confined or critical areas (with a lower working speed compared to ‘open’ blasting).

Benefits of this system


  • Dust free operation because of automatic blasting & vacuum sequence

  • Clean, abrasive free object surface after blasting

  • Environmentally Friendly - No dust and contamination which are collected in a drum for safe disposal

Please call for more information and details.

Dustless Blast Cleaning.jpeg
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